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The Arc of San Juan County New Mexico

Smart Safety

Smart Safety is an initiative to protect the rights and the dignity of individuals with disabilities and first responders.

iCARE Medical Cards

icare medical cardsiCARE ID Cards are design specifically for individuals with disabilities in the event of an urgency or emergency. These IDs have critical information that could assist public safety responders during an encounter. Examples could include specific information such as; "I am non-verbal and use my phone to communicate via text, please don't take my phone away" or, "I have Type 1 diabetes and may appear disoriented when my blood glucose is low". Emergency contacts are also included.

This very brief, simple, yet powerful tool is available to anyone in need locally in San Juan County. The Arc of San Juan County has partnered with MTM Solutions to provide these to you at no charge. Simply visit icaremedicalcards.com and place an order. Use the coupon code "arc" to receive this free of charge. For questions, contact the Arc at (505) 325-8998 or MTM Solutions at (505) 566-4307.

san juan county new mexico arc storeKeri Schrock CREATOR OF iCARE CARDS

Have peace of mind knowing that first responders are being trained to look for this ID. The two suggested locations to keep the iCARE ID card are:

Responders may not find it during an emergency if kept in a location not mentioned. You Care, We Care, iCARE

Order Your iCARE ID

Smart 911

San Juan County residents can go online and log family information and pictures into a database which police, firefighters and other emergency responders can access if the person calls 911.

This program is a great resource for those with disabilities and their families because it makes it easy for responders to help if there is an emergency.

Emergency medical services could access family and medical histories while en route to a home. A police officer could see a picture of a child if she goes missing. "Firefighters could learn how many people and pets are in a burning home and where they might be in that home before arriving on scene," said David Ripley, the director of The San Juan County Communications Authority.


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